Client Comments and Compliments


"The client is very pleased with your work, feels this [project] had some unique value-adds that they are excited to share externally..."

— Kittelson & Associates, July 2022

"Thanks Lisa! The website looks fantastic!"

— Z. Bugg, Kittelson & Associates, October 2021

Google Review 5 Stars: "Lisa does great work! She did a great job of taking my ideas and adding her professional touch to them. Working with her was a very smooth process and I highly recommend her!."

— Patrick Edwards, Owner/President Edwards Engineering, April 2020

"I met with the board today. They were very complimentary of the beautiful sell sheets that I brought to the meeting with me. I just thought you would like for me to share that compliment on your work with you."

— D. Turner, Three Opals Consulting, For Hatfield & McCoy Moonshine, October 2019

"You are doing a great job [with Social Media marketing] and we see results."

— Nowell & Co., June 2019

"I'm definitely satisfied with your work and the value and I will definitely be using you again."

— J.O., December 2018

5-Star Google Review: "I have been working with Lisa almost since the beginning of opening our practice at Apex Dental Group - look up our website. She developed our web site from the ground up. Her hard work and caring shows up in the many other products that she has delivered to us, and has helped us improve our marketing and visibility. I highly recommend her!"

— Dr. John Kitzmiller, September 2018

5-Star Google Review: "Lisa is simply the BEST! Working with her is easy, comfortable, professional and certainly her creative expertise shines. She really understands your needs and most importantly she CARES!"

— S.Kay Winkler, September 2018

"[The logo you developed] looks awesome."
5-Star Google Review: "Lisa did a great job!! She was creative, quick, and very easy to work with in designing the business logo! I highly recommend CreatiVisibility!"

— NoDrought, August 2018

"PERFECT….Lisa, I just love your creative touches! I really appreciate your expertise. Thanks so much for making my life simpler."

— J.S, August 2018

"Thank you so much, Lisa for your professinalism, creativity & kindness. "

— K.W., July 2018

"Received another compliment on the website today from an attorney in Atlanta, GA. "

— J. Little, February 2018

"Getting Rave Reviews, Lisa. It doesn't surprise me, but in chatting with [some of your clients] I am learning what a valuable resource and wonderful person you are. I definitely want to work with you."

— J. Singer, April 2018

"I love working with you!" - March, 2018

"I personally freaking LOVE your second option. Let me see what they say. Thank you!"

— K.M., September 2017


"Hi Lisa, I got the flyers and they look lovely!"
"Print quality looks nice."
"The turnaround was very quick anyway."
[Concerning a flyer, designed and brokered/managed the printing]

— Kay W., August 2017


"I just reviewed the website and I must say I was impressed.  I know it's not yet finished but from what I see so far, it looks really good."

— Todd G., Tar River Transit, April 2017


"When I arrived at NCSU Transportation three years ago, revamping our website was priority one. We were fortunate to engage LIsa for this task. Our new website has won numerous national awards because it's design. Lisa engaged staff to solicit ideas and followed the University's design guidelines while still able to design an attractive and interacting site. Two years later we are still receiving positive feedback from the campus community."

— Cathy Reeve, Transportation Director NC State University, April 2017


"You did the beautiful makeover [on our website] and took it waaaay to another level. I get compliments on it as I mentioned to you before. You're the best."

— Kay Winkler, SKW Insurance, April 2017


"I have worked with Lisa Gullette in a previous position and more recently I have had her company do work for me. She is always professional and has always met her estimates. I have been very happy with the quality of her work."

— Jonathon Lewis, Westat, April 2017


"I recommend the services of Lisa Gullette of CreatiVisibility. We have a history dating back to 2001 working with her both as an employee and a creative consultant with CreatiVisibility. She has designed dozens of print publications including complex die cut layout, flyers, mailers, brochures, booklets, books (including a few a 700-page event proceedings books), and several websites. She was the webmaster responsible for designing and developing as well as maintaining our Institute's multi-group website with training registration and searchable library database and developed several websites as a consultant after she left employment with us. We successfully worked together remotely as well as in-house. She shows dedication and professionalism on every project."

— James Martin, Associate Director Institute for Transportation Research and Education, NC State University, March 2017


"Lisa overhauled our association's web site a few years back. We were very inexperienced and she walked us through the considerations we needed to address and made sure we provided sufficient content to populate the page. We were quite pleased with her work."

— Dereck Graham, Consultant Education Logistics, February 2017


"Lisa and her team at CreatiVisibility did an excellent job under a relatively tight timeline to respond to and meet our needs in producing print-ready materials for the Let's Go NC! curriculum. She worked as a subcontractor to our project with the North Carolina Department of Transportation. We gave her the content, and coordinated between CreatiVisibility, our video production subcontractor, and our client to ensure the style, visualization and brand aligned across the myriad materials that were packaged together. Lisa has exceptional organizational skills, listens to clients' needs, communicates effectively, and produces great deliverables. The Let's Go NC! curriculum has since been used to teach over 10,000 children across the state how to walk and bicycle safely, and its usage continues to grow. Thank you, CreatiVisibility and Lisa, for being a part of this success!"

— Sarah O'Brien, Program Manager, ITRE, February 2017


"Lisa was essential for the successful completion of the ultimate deliverable for our project - a complex booklet highlighting the economic contribution of airports in North Carolina. This effort has been successfully updated three times (2006, 2012, and 2016), each with the thorough and creative skills of Lisa.

She led the effort in creating a vision and design for the final product, while also editing content and formats. Lisa was a critical team player, tasked with managing and responding to comments from numerous stakeholders and developing a product that was suited the needs of all. We have derived tremendous benefit of the product conveying the key information related to the specific topic, as well as, as a communication tool for our research and capabilities.

The deliverable has been recognized by the target audience as a great resource with a superb ability to convey an important message!"

— Daniel Findley, Institute for Transportation Reserach and Education, February 2017


"We were so fortunate to have chosen Lisa to work with us on our website! [The Better Approach Coaching] She was so easy to communicate with and we value her professional experience and tenacity of the project. Lisa will work side by side with you until you are completely satisfied. Thank you Lisa!"

— Janice Rompala, Healthcare Practice Operations, February 2017


"Lisa Gullette and CreatiVisibility have been NCSU Transportation's website vendor of record since 2003 providing NCSU Transportation with key services relating to website modifications and ensuring ADA website compliance. She has extensive marketing, web and print design experience and a strong transportation-related client base. She is very familiar with NC State and all website rules and protocols, including the University branding guidelines.

NCSU Transportation's website is complex and has much exposure. It is among the first website points of contact for future students, their parents, and visitors. It also incorporates many critical online functions; i.e., sale of parking permits, payment of parking permits, distribution of GoPasses and bicycle permits. NCSU Transportation has developed a close business relationship with Creativisibility characterized by frequent consultations and communications, and timely identification and resolution of technical problems.

Ms. Gullette is intimately familiar with our operations and client base and serves as Transportation's ongoing web consultant. Additionally, Creativisibility has met or exceeded all previous contract terms and demonstrated a commitment to meeting all time-sensitive deliverables and ensuring customer satisfaction.

On the basis of skills, experience, commitment, rapid and timely response to execute timely updates/reprogramming, we would recommend CreatiVisibility for graphic design and web design services."

— Christine Klein, NCSU Transportation, December 2016


"Met with a large atty firm yesterday and they have a legal nurse consultant who helps them locate experts;  She also works for other firms...she was so impressed with my website, loved the videos, etc.  Just wanted you to know how much she raved about it!"

— J.L., November 2016

"Had to share with you that I received a call from an atty out of Columbia, SC regarding a case. As we were talking it because clear to me that she likely found me by my website.... I asked her how show found me and she said she did an internet search!"

— Julie Sawyer, Sawyer Consulting, October 2016

"Lisa... It is AWESOME!!!!!!! I simply love it! You are the best ever!
I love what you did. It is very cute!"

— B.K, eCommerce Business Owner, September 2016


"I found Creativisibility simply by accident while stumbling across someone else’s website. Seeing this was the work of Creativisibility, I called Lisa, and she was prompt in calling me back. Lisa offers an immediate feeling of comfort with her warmth and experience. Working with Lisa has been a JOY, as she is sincerely interested in promoting your business, and your happiness. Lisa will help you to understand whatever it is you need or want to know, and takes the time for you with her busy schedule. Lisa, I look forward to our partnership. Thank you again"

"I am grateful for finding you, and I really feel I found such a gem with you and that I get to work with you."
"I was happy about all you created for me!  I will recommend you every chance I get."
"Thanks Lisa! You have been a JOY to work with and learn from. I am grateful for finding and to begin this part of my business growth."

— Kay Winkler, LUTCF, SKW Insurance, August, October 2016 for Logo Design and Website Development


"I got the photos that you restored and printed and I LOVE them. Sent one to my mom and she was so excited. "

— R. Sloan, August 2016


"I know this will be another brochure we will be proud of for years!"

— Daniel J. Findley, PhD, PE, North Carolina State University, March 2016


"We could not be more pleased with our website that Creativisibility did for us. Lisa is incredibly patient. Her vision was spot on and we have heard from a few of our peers, that our website is the best they have ever seen in our business. The end product and Creativisibily's ability to continue to consult us is exactly what our company needs. This is not our business, so we definitely appreciate their expertise and advise. I would recommend them to anyone looking to create or update their website and marketing strategies."

— Christy Boscaglia, Palmetto Amusements, February 2015


"The key aspect of this [website] that made it useful is not easily detected through a remote judging panel. Providing a quick response to proposed updates and changes submitted by technical staff, even after the sub-consultant contract had been completed, was crucial to maintaining a good relationship with the invisible Internet audience.

As someone who develops client websites on a fairly regular basis, I found the degree of innovation in the design to be a refreshing change from what I've done myself or seen produced elsewhere. Certainly, having a great digital media interface is still a core part of the overall experience that the public attaches to our projects. Many people never come out to public meetings or speak with us individually, so their entire perception of the project is gleaned through their perception of the website as a success or failure. Having CreatiVisibility and Lisa Gullette available to create and manage this site made the rest of our technical tasks that much easier, and more credible, to both the client and the public."

— Scott Lane, Stantec, May 2014


"I just wanted to let you know that I posted my first "Alert" change due to the upcoming bad weather. I did so successfully and I want to thank you for the "Crash Course" last week. The site is very user friendly and you did a fantastic job. I will be recommending your company to any person or business needing a website going forward. You have done an exceptional job and I appreciate all of your efforts."

— Todd Gardner, Transit Administrator, City of Rocky Mount's Tar River Transit, January 2014


In response to CreatiVisiblity's Platinum MarCom award for the Triangle Foodscapes logo:

"That is awesome. I have gotten a ton of compliments on the logo you did for us. Your work is now displayed on all my work shirts as well as my truck and jackets. It appeals to the exact clientele I was looking for and I could not ask for more. You are great at what you do and I am glad you are getting recognized."

— Drew Glaser, Triangle Foodscaspes, November 2013


"Lisa and Brandon: Thank you so much for all the hard work you do for us!! Much of the success of Pristine Beauty is thanks to you!!!"

— Blaire Kessler, Pristine Beauty, December 2013


In response to CreatiVisiblity's Gold MarCom award for work done on 2012 Contribution of Airports in North Carolina Brochure:

"This award is a testament to the time and effort CreatiVisibility dedicates to their clients and products. The Economic Contribution of Airports Brochure booklet is recognized by the target audience as a great resource with a superb ability to convey an important message; it’s nice to hear that design professionals recognize the outstanding product as well."

"Lisa was essential for the successful completion of the ultimate deliverable for our project – a brochure highlighting the economic contribution of airports in North Carolina. She led the effort in creating a vision and design for the final product, while also editing content and formats. Lisa was a critical team player, tasked with managing and responding to comments from a numerous stakeholders and developing a product that was suited the needs of all. We have derived tremendous benefit of the product conveying the key information related to the specific topic, as well as, as a communication tool for our research and capabilities."

— Daniel J. Findley, PhD, PE,Senior Research Associate, ITRE, NC State University, November 2013


"Working with Creativisibility was a pleasure. Lisa Gullette took the chain of command seriously and never conferred directly with the client without approval. Lisa uses 'reaching consensus' effectively to separate and move forward on her work tasks. Best of all Lisa documented the management of her component, in such a way, so that her progress reports could be pulled into my reports without additional labor on my part. Finally, she listened to client concerns and tried to accommodate them within the constraints of the work program, even if it meant that her work had to be revised. I would highly recommend Creativisibility to perform any communications tasks related to transit - Lisa Gullette is sensitive to the demands and constraints of the public transportation environment."

— Bill Barlow, Senior Transit Planner, Stantec, October 2013


"Creativisibility is the perfect name to describe this company. The owner Lisa Gullette is an extremely talented webmaster. She is so creative and clever. She will use her creativity to make your business stand out and get noticed. She is a chameleon in her line of work. Her ability to create a straight forward informational website one minute and an award winning awe inspiring ultra feminine e-commerce site the next is amazing. Creativisibility is an extremely professional company. Contacting them for my website needs was the smartest move I have ever made with my business."

— Blaire Kessler, CEO/Founder, Pristine Beauty, Inc., October 2013


" Lisa, Lisa, Lisa….you are simply amazing! The hard work you put into everything you do is evident and speaks for itself, top notch quality all the way! Thank you for all your hard work and talent you shared with the conference every year!"

"I would highly recommend you to any potential clients! You and I are very much alike in we take a lot of pride in the work we do and want it to be the very best it can be for our clients. It is always a pleasure to work with you and see the magnificent graphic designs you create…I’m in awe to say the least!"

— Tina Gibson, President, NCAF&E, January 2013


In a letter to the board:
"Hope you all received the AWESOME registration brochure. Thanks to Lisa for creating such a wonderful, vibrant brochure to market the conference! "

"Awesome, awesome, awesome!! Thanks for all do to make us look so good !"

— Stephanie K. Saintsing, Executive Director, NCAF&E, December 2012


"Lisa and CreatiVisibility have been a HUGE asset to our project. The website and social media outreach that they have developed has been an integral part of our public involvement and information process and has provided us with an excellent forum for distributing information about this critical land use and transportation plan and receiving feedback from the public, local officials, and stakeholders in our project area. We have received multiple comments on the quality of the site and the ease with which interested parties can interact with us and find information."

— Will Letchworth, CDM Smith Inc., November 2012


"Lisa did an absolutely fantastic job designing the website for our new business. Our marketing and image ideas were a bit vague, but she understood and took those ideas and made them come vividly alive on our website. Couldn't have asked for more. Lisa is a joy to work with, always so positive and supportive and phenomenally talented!!!"

"The design and 'feel' of the site is awesome, thank you so much for all you have put into it!... It looks wonderful. Again, thanks so much for a super job on the website. Everyone just loves the website!  Put a post on FB from my personal page for everyone to check out the new website and put in a plug for CreatiVisibility!  "

— Martha Youts, C & M Business Professionals, October 2012


"... your work is wonderful and I appreciate you being able to work with me via email...Again, thank you for all of your warmth and I appreciate you working with me on such a tight budget.."

"Your design for Triangle Foodscapes' logo is perfect for my needs. Your design utilizes contemporary colors and a playful design to create a sophisticated product.  I could not have asked for more "

— Drew Glaser, Triangle Foodscaspes, September 2012


"Hi Lisa. I've heard a LOT about you! In fact I have a CD/DVD here on my desk with your name on it with Flagger and Flagging Instructor files on it for Tim's class materials. Your famous! "

— Bill Woods, North Carolina State University


Response to CreatiVisibility winning top international silver creative award for the NASDPTS website:

"I think my favorite part of the new website is the "FIND A DIRECTOR" section that CreatiVisibility created for us. Just a couple of clicks and I have contact information for my peers around the country. We were carefully guided through the process so that our business needs could be met with a fresh, new, creative look that is working quite well, especially for our members and the school bus community at large. Congratulations on the award!"

— Derek Graham, Section Chief of Transportation Services, North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NASPTS member), May 2012

"Not much I can add to that except congratulations, Lisa, on the site. We're very proud of it, due to both the hard work Derek did putting the content in logical order and the great work you did in creating the visuals, including the cascading menus. Not only does it look good, but it's mostly about Creativisibility's success in making it easy for users to navigate the site."

— Charlie Hood, Director, School Transportation, Florida Department of Education, (NASPTS Past President), May 2012


"I am incredibly incredibly impressed with your initiative and work and really hope that we can continue this relationship to other projects!"

— Will Letchworth, P.E., CDM Smith, Inc., April 2012


"I hope to continue working with you. You are delightful to work with."

— Joe Rompala, The Better Approach Coaching, LLC, March 2012


"I really appreciate all of your great work on the website and the program. They were stellar, and added to the professionalism of the event!"

— Jef Lambdin, The Interactive Theater, NCAF&E Board Member, February 2012


"At first glance this looks AMAZING!! I am so excited, you have no idea. I'm plotting right now on ways to keep you so happy so you'll continue to stick around and help change the face of ShowFest. THIS LOOKS SO AMAZING LISA!  You've done an extreme face lift for ShowFest and I'm so appreciative!"

— Brandi Griffith, SC Festival & Event Association Executive Director, January 2012


" I just wanted to thank you for your time, effort, energy, hard-work, proof-reading skills, etc (I could go on forever), with the stuff for ShowFest.  Everything you have done is awesome and looks 100000000 times better than what we had in the past.  Again, thank you for your hard work!!"

— Darron Kirkley , SC Festival & Event Association Board, January 2012


"Overall, the PURL [Personalized URL] looks great.  I am excited about using it and sending out to our contacts."

"Thank you for all of your work with the lead management PURL design project. I especially appreciate your flexibility and willingness to adapt to rapidly shifting ideas."

"Thank you for staying on time and within budget, you’ve done excellent work so far."

— Elizabeth Garrard, Statewide Operations Special Projects Assistant • North Carolina Biotechnology Center, 2011


"Oh my goodness, I love it! Your poster really captures the “feel” I wanted to express to my potential clients. After only a couple days I have already gotten extra attention to my business, and have received several compliments on how well-done and professional this poster is. Thank you so much!"

— Stephanie Iraggi, Blue Dolphins Aquatics, September 2011


Response to CreatiVisibility winning top international bronze award for the Pristine Beauty website:

"I'm excited that CreatiVisibility won an award for the Pristine Beauty website design," commented Kessler, Pristine Beauty CEO. "It was great working with Lisa Gullette - she transformed the site into a glamorous, stylish and creative venue that is perfect for my products and clientele."

— Blaire Kessler, Pristine Beauty CEO, June 2011


"I really love the [event] program. I think the sponsors will be proud of the content and worth their investment. You did a great job. It looks great! I am very grateful for your effort in working with me to get the program done in this tight time frame. THANKS SO MUCH! Wonderful work effort! We can both take a moment to “Exhale.”

"Just wanted to let you know that the Conference Programs were delivered today and they are beautiful!"

— Linda Wallace, NCPTA Executive Director, May 2011


"I want to thank you for the wonderful job you did on our brochures, business cards and e-newsletter. You made our school look better than I ever thought it could. Working with you was a truly great experience and I encourage anyone that is looking to improve the look of their business to work with you and Creativisibility. Everything you work on looks great and you were always on time and easy to work with."

— Mark Brown, Owner MotoMark1, LLC, May 2011


"I just previewed the email [newsletter] and it is great... it all looks so great!....I LOVE the copy at the end... I LOVE the tinsel....I could just hug you. I LOVE the email blast you created. It is beautiful and exactly what I wanted. The photos are beautiful and match the website perfectly."

"Thank you so much for all you do for me so quickly. I consider myself very lucky."

— Blaire Kessler, Pristine Beauty, Inc., 2010


"We are very pleased with the last revised ad.  It looks AWESOME!! It really carries us up several levels!!  Thanks so much for your work."

— Minette Lewis, Glory Days Festival Committee Member, August 2010


"[The brochure and business cards] look really good. I showed them to the others and what I got was "refreshing, professionals and WOW! I think it looks GREAT!!! I really like the direction you have taken our promotions, wording, pictures and colors..."

"Got the cards and brochures they look great!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work."

— Mark Brown, Owner, MotoMark1, LLC, September 2010


“Working with CreatiVisibility on the new website was a wonderful experience. They were very responsive throughout the entire process. The website design and launch exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend CreatiVisibility to any company looking to create or update a website.”

— Ed Clifford, Executive Director , Western Piedmont Regional Transit Authority, 2009


"Recognition for NCAPA. Attached is a notification of an award received this year for our work on the Morrisville LUTP project.  We couldn’t have done it without  you – congratulations, and thank you for your hard work and patience on this project." View award notification in PDF format.

— J. Scott Lane, Director of Planning, The Louis Berger Group, Inc., 2009


"Just a brief note to say thanks for your great work in producing our web site. Your ideas went far beyond our own and we are delighted with the result. We would like to work with you on the public relations aspect of our work  and we will be in touch to follow up.  Again, thanks for a creative job and a very pleasant style to work with."

— Bill Deegan, Owner/Writer, It Can Be Romantic, 2009


"Everything you have done for us is fantastic."

— Randy Bass, President, NCPTA, 2009


"Thanks for going the "extra mile" for us. Thank you so much! (Send my bill - well worth it!)."
— Christine Klein, NCSU, 2008


"Just a note of thanks for continuing to make my web site updates so easy! It's great."

— Claire McCullough, Owner, Yoga With Claire, 2008


I am pleased to offer you an endorsement of your services for creating a website for the Morrisville Land Use and Transportation Plans Update Project ( Your work was extremely timely, an important consideration due to the failure of our previous provider to create the website, staff turnover, and so forth. Your ability to come into a difficult situation and develop a great site in a short span of time was greatly appreciated. Furthermore, your willingness to work directly with our staff to in an assistant role for maintenance has worked out very well, and has led directly to a second contract with you and Creativisibility.

— J. Scott Lane, Director of Planning, The Louis Berger Group, Inc., 2008


" I am so happy that you are my web designer. I want you to know that I have been more than happy with the hard work you do for me. You are quite talented and I am quite lucky to have you on my side."

— Blaire Kessler, Founder, Pristine Beauty, May 2008

Below are comments on the Pristine Recovery Web site Blaire Kessler received from others:
"Your website is FANTASTIC and your products look equally as great."

"Hi Blaire. I just checked out your website and love it! It's witty and informative and I love the products..."
— Dara Fleischer,

"I love your website and I love what you have written in your product descriptions".
— Edith Speed Founder of Busted Foundation

"I did although take a look at your website and I love the theme. It is cute, approachable, and informative"
— Elizabeth Redmond, Sara Snow's assistant and Sister from the show "Get Fresh with Sara Snow" on Discovery Health

"I LOVE the old school glamour of your website!"
— Connie Engel from the

"Your website is awesome! I love the old glamour theme, it's really fun and enticing. I'll spread the word to all my colleagues at the Breast Cancer Fund, they will love it."
— Stacy Malkan author of Not Just a pretty Face.

"I did have a chance to check out the website and it really looks very professional."  
— Buck Crosby, Attorney


"You did a lot to make PeakFest 2008 an immense success!  All of your hard was greatly appreciated."

— Debra Bunge, Chairman, Apex Festival Commission, May 2008


"Outstanding job Lisa!!!! I will certainly give you a glowing recommendation."

— David Wood, Apex Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources, 2008


"Lisa did an excellent job designing my company's web site. I was unable to meet with her in person, and she was able to design and build the entire site exclusively through e-mail. She was very creative in fulfilling my vision for my site. She has provided prompt services updating and maintaining my site as needed since the original build. I will continue to send my future web design needs to Lisa."

Year first hired: 2007 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

— Jeff Garner, Owner, Total Grounds Care, Inc., 2007


"I was always impressed with the thoughtfulness of Lisa's questions for clients to insure that as much information as possible was gathered from the get go of the project, and prevented delays in producing projects. She has the special gift of knowing graphic design and the back-end of Web sites and printing. She can tackle even the most difficult print and Web projects. She is able to multi-task and multi-complete many projects and has a great rapport with clients."

— Sherry O'neal, Director of Communications, College of Design, North Carolina State University, 2007


"As co-owner of PC MedEvac we have an ongoing relationship with CreatiVisibility. By outsourcing some of our graphic and web design issues Lisa allows us to concentrate on our business. I was impressed that Lisa had a variety of contract options and helped us choose the best value for our company. Also, she is very responsive to our needs, even when they come up on a spur of the moment. I would highly recommend CreatiVisibility for your graphic or web design needs."

— Theresa Carter, PC MedEvac , 2007


Hi Lisa,
It was great to meet you yesterday. I want to say again that I am extremely impressed with your work on the web site and with your willingness to sit down and go through things in such detail. From my past experience with overhauling a web site, you are leagues ahead of the company I worked with both in design skill and in dealing with a
client. Anyway, thank you again and have a wonderful weekend.
Kind regards,


"I really like your packaging. It's a great marketing model; I really liked it a lot. Your pricing seems really reasonable as well and your references look great." — Kim


"Many thanks for al you did (including lots of 'above and beyond') to create a beautiful, functional website for Conservators' Center. "

"Thank You, Lisa! We LOVE our website!"

— Mindy Stinson, Conservators' Center, 2007


"Changes look great.  Wow, this IS nice, just to say what you want and it's magically done.  Wonder why I waited so long.  Thanks."

— Claire McCullough, Yoga with Claire, 2007


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank-you and your company for the outstanding work that you have provided our company, employees and customers with. Many of my clients and customers continue to comment on our web-site that you designed and created from the ground up.

Your insight on our business mission statement, goals and objectives, services and products have assisted us with continuous marketing and business growth and success, in addition to your special attention for detail. Once again, thank you for your outstanding and professional services and products. Looking forward to another successful year with CreatiVisibility as our number one web-design, print design company."

— Pete Rubino, CEO, North Carolina Safety Solutions Inc. 2007


"The brochure is getting a lot of compliments. Well done!
The website looks great. I think it will be a great addition.
Also...thanks so much! You have been doing a fantastic job.
I just received the programs. They look great! I am so happy with them. "

— Amber L Wagner, Executive Director, North Carolina Public Transportation Association, 2007


"She has many years of experience and is a joy to work with. We were very pleased. As you know, it's not just the skill set - it's
the ease of the working relationship."

— Christine Klein, Information and Communication Specialist Transportation, North Carolina State University, 2007


"This looks great!  Thank you so much for “going the extra mile” and doing this under the circumstances...."

— Amber Wagner, NCPTA, 2007