Our Team

Name Role
Lisa Gullette Chief Creative & Business Officer
Christi Lowe Media Production, Journalist
& Media Relations Expert
Mani Medinn-Markham Graphic & Web Designer
Brandon Bouché Production & Admin. Assistant
Kelly Higgins Creative & Production Talent
Deidri Ottesen Creative & Production Talent


CreatiVisibility is a full-service graphics and Web design firm. As a small, growing business, CreatiVisibility is run by Lisa Gullette and is supported by a wonderful group of contracted staff. At the meeting office suites, Ruby Griffin and Susan Denise, will happily greet you for conferences and handle mail and deliveries. Lisa Gullette is the Creative Director and Designer, Sales & Business Development, and Project Management spending the majority of her time in the Apex production studio interacting with clients and team members locally and remotely. Brandon Bouché serves as customer service and production assistant on our team. Mani Medina-Markham provides graphic design, web design and production services. Kelly Higgins and Deidri Ottesen are also creative team members and assist in design production on an as-needed basis. Christi Lowe provides media relations and journalism expertise, videography, and media production.

Lisa Gullette, a native of Cary, N.C, started working in the industry in 1986 and was a part-time freelance designer since 1988 moonlighting while working other jobs. She has extensive experience as a Webmaster, graphic designer, and communications director. Since 2000, Ms. Gullette has designed and developed websites, served as a graphic designer and creative director, and for years 2001- 2006 was in charge of growing a communications program through marketing, print, and Web media for the Institute for Transportation Research and Education (ITRE) at North Carolina State University. She officially opened CreatiVisibility, full-time, in January 2007.


Meet Lisa Gullette


Lisa Gullette’s professional experience encompasses project leadership, technical and creative direction, production, and purchasing of public relations and marketing products. The variety of communications responsibilities range from expanding her clients’ visibility through the design of printed marketing products, to design and development of websites, to management print purchasing and hosting management for clients. She provides creative direction, design production and technical implementation, and analytical problem solving using a marketing-faceted approach.SM She is an international award-winning designer for print designs, web designs, logos and for marketing effectiveness.

Ms. Gullette graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Commercial (Graphic) Design with concentration studies in management, marketing and advertising from Atlantic Christian College (Barton College), has obtained a Computer Graphic Design Certificate from the NC School of Communication Arts, and routinely updates her skills self-taught or in the Webmaster Program at North Carolina State University.



Meet Christi Lowe


Christi Lowe, a two- time Emmy Award Winner, has spent the past 25 years producing videos for news, private businesses and the military. On a daily basis, she delivers quality packages on tight deadlines; planning the content, executing the video shoot, writing the script and supervising the editing process. From start to finish, Ms. Lowe leads by example and delivers professional quality material produced with a creative and unique approach. She is so trusted she is often brought on as a field producer/consultant with the national news networks, including ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and the Associated Press. Ms. Lowe regularly provides High Definition video production services to broadcast and cable clients as well as Fortune 500 companies—everything from virtual tours, to underwater documentaries, and overseas assignments.

Ms. Lowe graduated Magna Cum Laude with Bachelor of Journalism – Broadcast Journalism Major from the University of Missouri School Of Journalism in Columbia, MO.



Meet Mani Medina-Markham


Mani Medina-Markham is an award-winning designer for production of newsletters, email marketing, website design, brochures, electronic media, logo design and illustration. Her experience is primarily with Carolina Center for Medical Excellence and National Forum for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention for print and web-based marketing campaigns and has provided illustration and print production for CreatiVisibility. She brings over 10 years of design and publication experience to the team.

Ms. Markham graduated with an Associates of Arts in Applied Science, with a GPA 3.92, a Diploma in Digital Media from the School of Communication Arts in Raleigh, NC. She also took course studies in Psychology and Business University of North Carolina at Wilmington, NC and is has studied Marketing at the University of Phoenix.



Meet Brandon Bouché

Brandon Bouche

Brandon Bouché began working with CreatiVisibility in February 2013 as part-time production assistant on one project and quickly expanded his role to assist with customer service on a daily basis.

He is a broadcast & emerging media production specialist and has past experience as a meteorologist at Oceans 7/WeatherVision and as operations manager at WXVO-TV managing systems, graphics and websites while also programming the associated radio station WLEZ-FM. He produced a weeknight show, Nightique staring Edward Saint-Pé. He is able to do wear all these hats while helping us at CreatiVisibility part-time.

Mr. Bouché graduated from North Carolina State University where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Meteorology.



Kelly Higgins brings over 22 years of publication design and layout experience to the team. Key work in her personal portfolio includes projects for NCDOT Public Affairs Division, Price/McNabb Advertising and Public Relations, VSD Communications Magazine Publishing, and the US Department of Agriculture/Design Division. Her portfolio includes logo and brochure designs for the Ferry Division of NCDOT, Glaxo corporate identity, City of Raleigh’s Park and Recreation Publications, and the Peace College Annual Report to name a few. She has provided idea generation for logo design and print production for CreatiVisibility.